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Exige Owning Experience -- 2011


October 18, 2012

Has it really been eight months since my last post on this site?!? I guess I've been busy driving the piss out of this car. As noted in my last post, the car is now superchargered. Let's start by going over some changes. I replaced the rear tires with a fresh set of R888s, as my old rears were nearly bald. I also picked up a full mohawk roof off an '08 Exige, to help with getting air over the intercooler. Lastly, I learned how to adjust the settings on the Nitrons, and I cranked them down pretty stiff for this Autocross season. This car is just amazing now. The only way to describe it, would be to compare it to a slot car! It just sticks. Unlike the N/A car I purchased 2 years ago, the FI engine just keeps pulling. Passing in sixth gear, no problem!!
But let's talk about this past Autocross season. I was able to participate in 6+1 out of 8 of the GGLC autocross events. (6 point events out of 8, and 1 non-point event where we were guests of another club). Overall my times have steadily improved, and I can't imagine anything more fun than participating in these events. I picked up a vinyl number for the car, which looks great. A few pieces of key advice really helped, which I want to document, so I'll put a list here. Now the only question is what to do with the off-season. Time for me to work out the details of the ignition mod I guess.
  • Do not take the first run easy
    • Many people take the first run slow, but since only the first 5 are indexed, may as well go "all out." Yes you'll slide/mess up certain parts, but you'll correct it later.
  • Go slower through the slow parts and faster through the fast parts
  • Decipher where you are fighting the car, probably a place you are approaching too "hot."
  • Throttle modulation
  • It's OK to shift back into first
  • Smooth is fast.
  • Tape the map to the dash for review between runs
  • It's OK to clip a cone, no harm to the car, and you can fix the line on your next run
  • Keep water near your staging position!
roof Some closing thoughts for this posting:
The car now has 34k miles on her. I'm awaiting details on the oil line recall next steps.
Lastly, here is a shot of the Exige with the new roof, as mentioned earlier, from an event earlier this year.

February 20, 2012

The waiting is over, and oh was it worth it. I took delivery of my now SuperCharged & intercooled Exige back on January 5th, and have been LOVING IT! I picked up the stock charger/intercooler off an 07 Exige, (with all the bits and pieces to support it, new injectors, etc) and had Dietsch Werks do the installation. While we had the car apart, we did other improvements, such as fettling my roof, and the GPan2 baffled oil pan. For engine managements, I went with the KoldFire270 tune. Also, I had the soft-top rear anchors installed, so I can fit the soft-top on if needed. Very Exciting stuff, and more to come as winter lingers on.


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