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Exige Owning Experience -- 2010

December 7, 2010

Performed what's commonly referred to as the green-wire mod today. Lotus Elise/Exige cars come with a poorly designed Day time Running Light (DRL) system. What makes it poor (in my opinion) is two fold. First, it's nearly as bright as the parking/driving lights, so there is no visual difference when you turn those on (rendering the first headlight setting useless). Second it does NOT turn on ANY tail lights, so to the people behind you, there is no visual difference. The good news is, all you have to do is disconnect the wire (a green wire in the dash) and you safely remove the DRL syste. DONE.
green wire mod
17k on the odometer

November 15, 2010

On my drive home today, I noticed that I just rolled past the 17k mile mark. Having bought the car with just over 13k, I thought a good thing to do would be to notate any landmark mile-ages, and set up a section of this site for work & maintenance done. For now, here's a shot of the 17k on the clock. (17k generally is not a landmark, but 17 is my favorite number). Aside from the A/C relay (will discuss later) and finding a good reliable and inexpensive source of Synthetic 5w40, owning the lotus has been [knock on wood] uneventful.

November 13, 2010

So, What is this? Well, it is a place for me to write about and discuss my passion for cars. Specifically, this passion has led me to my recent (2ish months) owning of a 2006 Lotus Exige (pictured to the right). I honestly have not decided what to do with this site, but I wanted a place to talk about, document, and so forth owning what amounts to be an exotic sports car. More to come later as I get rolling. So far, projects have included a rear view camera, new stereo, and passenger seat protection for when I load my hockey gear in the car.

Thanks for visiting. As mentioned, more to come later.
Lotus Exige


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